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Centricore searches the world over for state-of-the-art products and solutions that both enhance our quality of life, as well as improve business profitability. Our cutting-edge products, technologies, and modern materials empower our customers to more effectively compete in new and existing markets. We help our clients develop profitable global business opportunities that deliver value. We re-Invest in America through business development and economic expansion. Our goal is to honor our Creator by sharing life-changing wealth opportunities that enable investments in social revitalization.

We Offer

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Urban Farming

  • Materials­

energy management


Oairo is a revolutionary patent-pending technology Centricore is introducing that is new to large energy users in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This revolutionary technology saves up to 70% of the energy costs to run an HVAC system. This new cloud-based software-controlled system retrofits into a new or existing HVAC system, and through kinetic energy, changes and controls the temperature by impacting the air/gas molecules in a room automatically. There are no out of pocket expenses to install this system and we work with your existing contractors.

Currently, this air quality improvement system is installed in commercial buildings and schools located in Dubai, Australia, and Western Europe. Research studies performed at these sites show that the increased air quality actually:

  • Lowers sickness rates up to 80%.

  • Cognitive responses of employees and students improve while reducing fatigue.

  • Students testing in rooms using this system scored 14-15% higher on standardized test scores.

  • Employees reported having more energy and mental clarity even in the late afternoon. 

  • Humidity is reduced by over 61.2%

Indoor pollutants like Carbon Dioxide are eliminated. The results – you save money, everyone breathes cleaner healthier air, and you reduce building emissions in compliance with the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, or Assembly Bill (AB) 32.


Globally, we have systems installed in Australia, London, and Dubai. In America, we are getting ready to install systems into buildings managed by local school districts, hotels, manufacturers, and others interested in saving millions in annual energy costs while both improving air quality for their occupants, as well as lowering their building’s carbon footprint.

All systems have a 10-year warranty, 20-year lifecycle, and are fully insured by Lloyds of London to meet savings, system performance, and installation quality targets. 

Energy Storage


Energy Storage enables a lower-cost generation source to produce electricity at a different point in time to be stored and utilized during times of peak demand.


Our energy storage systems are able to provide the most value when operating in parallel with the other energy generation assets in your facility. Our approach to energy storage is to integrate the batteries with the building, to optimize whole-building performance. By integrating into existing building automation systems and leveraging these assets, our energy storage systems are able to enhance the return on investment and provide the most economic value.

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Combined Heat & Power also known as Cogeneration, is the use of an engine to simultaneously generate both electricity and heat which can be used for hot water, steam, dehumidification, refrigeration or other industrial processes.


Energy Asset Management has developed standardized CHP solutions for industries that are heavy consumers of both electricity and thermal energy. Our typical CHP solutions place generator sets and related thermal transfer equipment in standard containers on site. The CHP systems are monitored remotely 24/7 and we are responsible for any needed maintenance and repair.


Typical solutions include:

  • CHP related heating system and boiler plant projects
  • CHP related cooling system and chiller plant projects
  • CHP trigeneration projects involving electricity, heating, and cooling

Industry Applications:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Office Buildings and Condominiums
  • Refrigerated Distribution Centers and Cold Storage Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels

Key elements of our design:

  • Standard containerized engine-generator sets, heat recovery and paralleling electrical switchgear for engine sizes 330 kW up to 4.4 MW
  • System sized to maximize client savings which may be above or below peak thermal or electric baseload
  • Paired with containerized absorption chillers, cooling towers, pumps and controls
  • Sound attenuated for residential environments – as low as 55db
  • Emissions controls that meet federal, state/provincial & local requirements
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and management of control points on the system using highly sophisticated remote diagnostics and performance management software
  • On-site repair technicians for immediate maintenance
  • Backup engine to provide power during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

urban farming


Automated indoor farms are finding a place in urban and remote areas, especially densely populated neighborhoods with little access to affordable, healthy foods and produce.

Centricore is proud to introduce DPSI’s automated farming systems. These Urban Farms can easily be implemented into new and existing buildings for entrepreneurs, building owners and even tenants who are looking to convert their facility into a quick revenue-generating business.

Many areas of the world lack water, compatible soils or sufficient sunlight to support traditional farming. This Urban Farm can be constructed within almost any region of the world to produce crops year-round.

Fully automated high-density urban farms are the future of food in urban centers.  Fully Automated grow hubs are managed by robots throughout the entire cultivation process.  These systems are completely sustainable off the grid and powered by clean and energy-efficient natural gas.

Our urban farms require less water, lighting, energy, labor costs and construction time as these solutions are modular, flexible and easy to install.

Farming indoors has many benefits: Quality Control, Guaranteed Security, Increased Production, and also eliminates room for human error.

modern materials

TS 5-1: 5 in 1 Soil Enhancer

Make every drop count. TS 5-1 was created with 5 adjuvant solutions in 1 package. TS 5-1 is your solution for worry-free adjuvant mixes and storage shelves stocked with varieties of treatment additives. As the only available Total Solution Adjuvant, TS 5-1 has been tested in both the laboratory and the fields of growers, demonstrating real, measurable results.

Protect Yourself  From Spray Drift
TS 5-1 avoiding drift by wind and the electrically loaded friction between drops, keeping your treatments on target, every time.

Increase Accuracy and Storage Space
Everything you need is in one package, which means lower storage requirements – and – less opportunity for error in mixing!

Increase Effectiveness Of Your Applications
The higher absorption rate of your treatments will provide you greater bang for your buck!

Safe For Your Treatments  And The Environment
TS 5-1 will give you the peace of mind of maintaining sustainable agriculture

Increase Efficiency Of Your Applications
As a grower, you have so many adjuvants to choose from. And to some extent, that’s part of the problem. Finding the proper mixture can be complicated for staff, with the potential for error leading to crop damage.
TS 5-1 offers a single, simple solution – increasing the efficacy and efficiency of your fertilizer, pesticide and fungicide treatments:

  1. Anti-Drift: Whether from aerial spraying or ground spraying, the anti-drift properties of TS 5-1 ensure that your applications are not taken by wind or other factors away from your targeted crops.
  2. Anti-Evaporant: TS 5-1 protects the spray droplets because of its low steam tension, effectively replacing mineral oils and increasing the number of impacts per square inch

  3. Surfactant: Reducing the superficial tension of the droplets, TS 5-1 generates small, flat drops that ensure better and more equal wetting with the same water volume. Click on the video to see TS 5-1 perform against a competing surfactant.

  4. Adherent: TS 5-1 possesses an excellent anchorage of drops on the waxy cuticle, hairy or downy surfaces of plants, increasing the residual power of fungicides, pesticides, and foliar fertilizers.

  5. Stripping  Agent: While leaves often present barriers to agrochemicals, the stripping effect of TS 5-1 ensures a fast and effective penetration, commonly within 90 minutes. The stripping agents within TS 5-1 also protect treatments against unforeseen rains.

  6. Golf Court and Garden Soil Enhancer: TS 51 is a concentrated water-soluble liquid, is a wetting agent to enhance soils aimed to use in preventive treatments against grass dry stains as a consequence of lack of irrigation. TS 5-1 acts hardily upon surface tension at the time wetting agents are included in its formulation to overcome the physical barriers that present soils by punctual lack of sponginess, or waterproofing by the excess of organic material. In this way, obtain water penetration either by rain or irrigation allowing root development and reconstruction of the spongy tissue of soil; recovering the oxygen-nitrogen and phosphorus diffusion, and other essential nutrients needed for photosynthetic development of grass. 

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